The public waters of the state located within the city have been classified and numbered by the Minnesota commissioner of natural resources as follows:
   A.   Lakes:
      1.   Natural environmental lakes:
Island Lake (18-383). OHW = 1,175.9
Mile Lake (11-207). OHW = 1,187.3
Rush Lake (18-381). OHW = 1,190.7
Unnamed, southwest of Bass Lake (18-385). OHW = 1,168.1
Unnamed, southwest of Rush Lake and north of Island Lake (18-382). OHW = 1,179.60
      2.   Recreational development lakes:
Bass Lake (18-384). OHW = 1,168.1
Hardy Lake (11-209). OHW = 1,166.1
Perch Lake (18-371). OHW = 1,190.40
Red Sand Lake (18-386). OHW = 1,199.9
Whipple Lake, includes Moburg/Upper Whipple (18-387). OHW = 1,194.9
      3.   General development lakes and streams:
Baxter Lake (18-380). OHW = 1,191.3
White Sand Lake (18-379). OHW = 1,198.40
   B.   Rivers And Streams:
      1.   Urban Rivers: Mississippi River (from the east line of the city to a point 500 feet west of the west line of section 19).
      2.   Forested Rivers: Mississippi River (from a point 500 feet west of the west line of section 19 to the west line of the city).
      3.   Mississippi River: On the Mississippi, the base floodwater surface elevation ranges from 1,157.7 to 1,164.1 depending upon the location. The cross section map showing these elevations is as depicted in the flood insurance study for the city of Baxter and corresponding flood insurance rate map, both prepared by the federal emergency management agency, copies of which are available at city hall.
All protected watercourses in the city shown on the protected waters inventory map for Crow Wing County, a copy of which is hereby adopted by reference, not given a classification in urban or forested rivers shall be considered "tributary". (Ord. 2007-4, 2-20-2007)