This title is enacted for the following purposes:
   A.   To promote the general public health, safety, comfort and general welfare of the inhabitants of the city.
   B.   To promote the character of and preserve and enhance the properties and areas within the city including wetlands, ponds and marshes.
   C.   To divide the city into zones or districts on the basis of the use, location, construction, reconstruction and alteration of land and structures for residence, business, industrial, and public purposes.
   D.   To provide adequate light, air, privacy, and safety.
   E.   To prevent the overcrowding of land by undue concentrations of population and facilities.
   F.   To promote the proper use of land and structure.
   G.   To fix reasonable standards to which buildings, structures and land shall conform for the benefit of all.
   H.   To prohibit the use of buildings, structures, and lands that are incompatible with the intended use or development of lands within the specified zones.
   I.   To promote the safe and efficient movement of people and goods.
   J.   To facilitate the provisions of public services.
   K.   To limit congestion in the public streets and protect the public health and welfare by providing for the off street parking of vehicles and vehicle loading areas.
   L.   To protect against fire, explosion, noxious fumes, offensive noise, vibration, dust, odor, glare, hazardous waste, pollution and hazards in the interest of public health, comfort and general welfare.
   M.   To define and limit the powers and duties of the administrative officers and bodies provided for herein.
   N.   To prescribe penalties for the violation of the provisions of this title or any amendment thereto. (Ord. 8, 12-17-1996)