A.   Review: The City Engineer shall be responsible for reviewing the construction stabilization plan and SWPPP. The MPCA shall be responsible for reviewing the MPCA construction stormwater permit application.
   B.   Fee: A fee will be charged for the construction stabilization plan for the issuance of the permit, and inspections. The fee will be as set forth in the annual fee schedule.
   C.   Completeness Of Application: Only applications that are complete will be reviewed by City staff. In order for a plan to be complete, it must contain the necessary information, the MPCA construction stormwater permit application and SWPPP (if required), and the required fee. All incomplete plans will be returned to the applicant with a written explanation of the application's deficiencies. The applicant will have the opportunity to correct the deficiencies and resubmit the application.
   D.   Permit: If the City's staff and, when applicable, the City Engineer determine that the construction stabilization plan and SWPPP, if needed, meet the requirements of this chapter, the City staff shall issue a permit valid for a specified period of time that authorizes the land disturbance activity contingent on the implementation of the BMPs contained in the plan; which shall include actions necessary to achieve final stabilization of the site upon completion of the land disturbance activity.
   E.   Permit Conditions: The BMPs required by the construction stabilization plan and/or contained in the approved SWPPP must be implemented prior to the start of any land disturbing activity and shall be maintained in accordance with the approved plan and the requirements of this chapter. Additional conditions may be imposed by the City.
   F.   Costs: The applicant shall be liable at all times for the costs incurred, including costs and fines resulting from noncompliance with an approved plan.
   G.   Denial Of Permit And Appeal: If City staff determines that the construction stormwater permit and SWPPP, if required, do not meet the requirements of this chapter, the City shall not issue a permit for the land disturbance activity. Approval or denial shall be mailed to the applicant within fifteen (15) days of receipt of a complete application. The applicant may appeal the adverse decision within ten (10) days of receiving written notice by requesting in writing to City staff that the City Council reviews the decision. City staff will then schedule a hearing on the appeal within twenty (20) days. Notice of the public hearing need not be published in the official newspaper. All decisions by the City Council shall be final.
   H.   Permit Termination: The permit holder shall notify the City when a project ceases and final stabilization is reached. When a State permit exists, the State termination form will suffice. (Ord. 2017-012, 11-21-2017)