A.   Applicability: Unless expressly exempted, a construction stabilization plan shall be required for any land disturbance within the City of Baxter.
   B.   Exempt Land Disturbance Activities: The following activities do not require a construction stabilization plan unless the City determines that there is a high risk of soil erosion or water pollution, or that there may be a significant impact on a lake, stream, river, or wetland area:
      1.   Minor land disturbance activities such as home gardens and an individual's home landscaping, repairs, and maintenance work disturbing less than one-half (1/2) acre;
      2.   Construction, installation, and maintenance of fences, signs, posts, poles, and electric, telephone, cable television, utility lines or individual service connections to these utilities, which result in creating under one-half (1/2) acre of exposed soil;
      3.   Tilling, planting and harvesting of agricultural, horticultural, or silvicultural (forestry) crops more than one hundred feet (100') from a public water as defined in Minnesota Statutes 103G.005, subd. 15; and
      4.   Emergency work to protect life, limb, or property and emergency repairs, unless the land disturbing activity would have otherwise required an approved erosion and sediment control plan, except for the emergency. If such a plan would have been required, then the disturbed land area shall be shaped and stabilized in accordance with the City's requirements as soon as possible. (Ord. 2017-012, 11-21-2017)