2-1-4: MEETINGS:
   A.   Frequency: Meetings are scheduled to be held once per month or may be called by the chairperson or set by the council as often as necessary to accomplish the duties of the commission. At the last regular meeting of each year, the commission shall approve the schedule of regular meeting dates, times and locations for the next calendar year. Notice of the time and place of a special meeting shall be communicated to the members and publicly noticed at least three (3) days prior to the meeting except in the event of emergency. All commission meetings shall be open to the public.
   B.   Quorum: Three (3) members of a commission shall constitute a quorum for the conduct of business, except when a greater number of votes are required by statutes.
   C.   Rules Of Conduct: The commissions shall be governed and operate pursuant to "Robert's Rules Of Order". The commission may adopt additional rules for its governance and for the transaction of its business, following review by the city council. The commissions shall keep a record of attendance, resolutions, motions, findings and determinations at its meetings, showing the vote of each member on each question requiring a vote, or if absent or abstaining from voting, indicating such fact. The records of the commission shall be a public record. No member of a commission shall make or vote on any motion in which the member has direct or indirect interests. (Ord. 2013-1, 2-5-2013)