8-5-1: PURPOSE:
The purpose of this chapter is to:
   A.   Control or eliminate stormwater pollution along with soil erosion and sedimentation within the City, and
   B.   Limit surface runoff volumes and reduce pollutant loading, and
   C.   Establish surface water management requirements to protect and safeguard the general health, safety and welfare of the public. It establishes standards and specifications for conservation practices and planning activities, which minimize stormwater pollution, soil erosion, and sedimentation.
      1.   This chapter establishes a City of Baxter construction stabilization plan, which requires the applicant to develop a plan and implement Best Management Practices (BMPs), which shall be calculated to prevent stormwater pollution from the beginning of site activity to final stabilization.
      2.   This chapter's plan review process and requirements will include post-construction management. It requires the permit applicant to plan for, implement, and maintain all new development and redevelopment post-construction stormwater management activities.
   D.   Reserve the right for the City to impose any and all additional requirements deemed necessary to control the volume, timing, and rate of runoff of hydrologic or topographic conditions that warrant greater control than that provided by the minimum control requirements.
   E.   Require all site designs establish stormwater management practices to control the peak flow rates of stormwater discharge associated with specified design storms and reduce the generation of stormwater thereby utilizing pervious areas for stormwater treatment and infiltrating stormwater runoff from driveways, sidewalks, rooftops, parking lots, and landscaped areas.
   F.   Require that all stormwater runoff generated from new development shall not discharge untreated stormwater directly into a jurisdictional wetland or local water body without adequate treatment.
   G.   Prohibit illicit connections and discharge to the Municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4).
   H.   Establish the legal authority to carry out all inspections, surveillance, monitoring and correction measures necessary to ensure compliance with this chapter. (Ord. 2017-012, 11-21-2017)