A.   Officers: Each commission shall have a chairperson, vice chairperson and a secretary appointed annually by the mayor and approved by the council at its first meeting of the year. The chairperson, and vice chairperson acting in the absence of the chairperson, shall be responsible for calling meetings and presiding at meetings and shall be entitled to an equal vote with the other members of the commission. The secretary shall be responsible for the keeping of the meeting minutes and commission documents and records. The secretary office and duties may be assumed by staff assigned by the council.
   B.   Committees: The commission may establish committees and subcommittees from its membership to serve in an advisory capacity to assist the commission in the conduct of its business.
   C.   Advisors: The city attorney, city staff and city consultants shall serve as advisors to the commission. (Ord. 2013-1, 2-5-2013)