A.   Generally: The city shall provide for inspection, maintenance, replacement, testing, and repair at reasonable times of all water meters connected to the city water supply system. Where replacement, repair, or adjustment of any meter is rendered necessary by the action or inaction, neglect, or carelessness of the owner or occupant of any premises, any expense caused the city thereby shall be added to the monthly utility bill and water service may be discontinued until the cause is corrected and the amount charged is collected. All water meters shall be and remain the property of the city and may be removed, replaced, or changed by the city whenever deemed necessary by the city. When deemed necessary by the city, the city shall notify the owner of the building or premises of the need for the removal, replacement, or change and the process whereby that shall occur. The city may charge a fee to any owner that fails to respond to the city notice regarding the need for a meter removal, replacement, or change and that fee shall be added to the monthly utility bill until the meter request has been completed. The amount of the fee shall be set annually by the city council.
   B.   Alternate Metering System: The city utilizes radio read meter reading infrastructure to read its water meters. It is recognized that not all customers approve of this method of meter reading. Therefore, the owner upon written request on an application supplied by the city may elect an alternate metering system and shall be charged a monthly meter reading fee set annually by the city council. Prior to the sale of a building or premises with an alternate metering system, the alternate meter system shall be replaced with radio read meter infrastructure.
   C.   Access: For the purpose of meter inspection, maintenance, replacement, testing, repair, and reading, the city shall have free access at reasonable hours of the day to all parts of every building and premises connected to the city water supply system.
   D.   Testing: When the owner questions the accuracy of the meter reading for any past service period, the city shall upon written request have such meter reread. If the owner remains dissatisfied and desires that the meter be tested, then the owner shall on written request along with posting a testing fee with the city have the meter tested. If the test shows an error exceeding five percent (5%) of the water consumed, then the testing fee shall be refunded to the owner and a new meter shall be installed and the bill shall be adjusted accordingly. The bill adjustment shall not extend back more than one service period from the date of the written request. The testing fee shall not be refunded if the meter is found to be accurate. The testing fee shall be set annually by the city council. (Ord. 2016-038, 7-5-2016)