A.   Materials: All materials used in the construction of any sewer or water main or any part thereof, including mains, hydrants or curbing shall be as prescribed by the city as set forth in any ordinance, manual or resolution and, in addition, shall conform to all state rules and regulations concerning public health or welfare.
   B.   Placement: The placing of any of the above mentioned materials shall be as and in the manner directed by the city pursuant to the provisions of the aforementioned documents. (Ord. 2009-1, 2-17-2009)
   C.   Inspection: No ditch opened for the purpose of any such construction of any sewer or water main shall be closed before the same has been inspected by the person appointed for that purpose by the city and all filling shall be done as prescribed by such inspector. (Ord. 30, 11-1-1977; amd. 2002 Code)