7-2-8: EFFECT:
   A.   Building Permits: After an official map has been adopted and filed, the issuance of building permits by the city shall be subject to the provisions of this chapter.
   B.   Applications Denied: The building inspector shall deny every application for a permit to construct a new building or structure or expand an existing building or structure within any area designated on the official map for street or other public purposes or within the required setback as set forth in title 10 of this code.
   C.   City Not Required To Pay For Buildings Or Structures: Whenever any street or highway is widened or improved or any new street is opened, or any interest in lands for other public purposes is acquired by the city, the city is not required in such proceedings to pay for any building or structure placed without a permit or in violation of conditions of a permit within the limits of the mapped street or outside of any building line that may have been established upon the existing street or within any area thus identified for public purposes. The adoption of an official map does not give the city any right, title or interest in areas identified for public purposes thereon, but the adoption of the map does authorize the city to acquire such interest without paying compensation for buildings or structures erected in such areas without a permit or in violation of the conditions of a permit.
   D.   Rights Of County Or State: In situations involving a county or state highway, the county or the state shall be entitled to exercise all rights granted to the city under this chapter. (Ord. 65, 11-7-1995)