A.   Official Road Names: Road names for 911 addressing may differ from original plat names. Upon adoption hereof, road names as shown on the official Baxter city map shall be the official road names and may only be changed by resolution of the Baxter city council.
   B.   Road Naming Criteria:
      1.   A road name may not be duplicated with that of any presently represented street, avenue, road, drive, circle, court within Crow Wing County or any surrounding township or community. Exceptions may be made if the proposed road is in general alignment with a road, which in all probability will connect, or is a continuation of an existing named road. A separate road name may not be approved for a proposed road if it is a continuation or could be related in any way to the alignment of an existing named road.
      2.   All road or private roadways shall be named and indicated on the official Baxter city map if they service more than two (2) residential or commercial structures.
      3.   Names with similar spellings, pronunciations or meanings may be construed as being duplications.
      4.   Road names shall not exceed sixteen (16) characters.
      5.   Names of north-south roadways shall be representative of plants, trees, woods, wildlife, natural or geological features and further be designated "drive".
      6.   East-west roadways shall be named after cities and further be designated "road".
      7.   Cul-de-sacs may be named similar to the street with which they intersect and designated as "court".
   C.   Sign Requirements:
      1.   A 911 address sign is required for each residence. A sign will be issued and installed by the city. The sign specifications shall be as required by the city of Baxter. A "city of Baxter house numbering sign specifications" sheet shall be on file at city hall.
      2.   The 911 address sign shall meet the design and installation requirements as set by city of Baxter. The "city of Baxter 911 house numbering design standards and placement template" shall be on file at city hall. In general, the sign should be placed on a post set within ten feet (10') of the primary driveway and in a location clearly visible from the road. The post should be located at least ten feet (10') from the edge of the road surface and within the road right of way if possible.
      3.   On a corner lot, the 911 address sign should face the street named in the address.
   D.   Numbering Criteria For 911 Addressing:
      1.   Address numbers for individual structures shall be determined and assigned using the Crow Wing County single quadrant datum addressing system utilizing a global positioning system to obtain the latitude and longitude location of the structure's driveway. The "0" point of this addressing system is two (2) miles west from the south section corner common to sections 34 and 35 in Fort Ripley township on the extension of the south line of the county.
      2.   Address numbers shall increase by one thousand (1,000) addresses per mile, east and north from the "0" point, allowing five hundred (500) possible addresses for each side of the road.
      3.   Each road will be designated either an east/west or north/south road. Even numbers will be applied to the north and east sides, and odd numbers will be applied to the south and west sides. All address numbers will increase or decrease consecutively according to direction of travel on a road.
      4.   The GPS coordinates for each structure shall be taken from the point where the edge of the traveled roadway and center point of the driveway intersect and must be within one to three meters (3 m) of accuracy.
      5.   Before the issuance of a building permit for any new structure, the applicant shall submit a detailed site plan to scale depicting exact driveway location, or place a marker on site indicating center of driveway location. Fees related to addressing shall be set by the city as set forth in the planning and zoning fee schedule. Said schedule shall be available at city hall.
      6.   Vacant lots will not be issued an address.
      7.   Structures with more than one living unit or one business (apartments, retail centers, etc.) shall be assigned one address number for the building and shall use unit, suite or apartment numbers for each tenant.
   E.   Compliance:
      1.   The city planner shall confirm that any new plat or other such permit will depict road names that comply with this chapter in the sole discretion of the city.
      2.   No utility shall provide service to any new structure until a valid address has been issued by the city.
      3.   The resident, owner or caretaker of any structure shall be responsible for maintaining a sign which displays the address number that is visible from the roadway in a manner as prescribed by the public works director. Said person shall keep the sign in good repair, free of snow or dirt and visible from the roadway. The cost of a replacement sign and installation will be paid by the property owner.
      4.   No person may alter, deface or remove any 911 house number sign or road sign erected in accordance with this chapter.
      5.   Anyone in violation of this chapter is guilty of a misdemeanor. (Ord. 2004-3, 1-20-2004)