A.   Sale; Notice: An abandoned motor vehicle taken into custody and not reclaimed under section 6-3-2-4 of this chapter shall be sold to the highest bidder at public auction or sale, following two (2) weeks published notice thereof.
   B.   Receipt: The purchaser shall be given a receipt which shall be sufficient title to dispose of the vehicle. The receipt shall also entitle the purchaser to register the vehicle and receive a certificate of title, free and clear of all liens and claims of ownership.
   C.   Immediate Sale: When an abandoned motor vehicle is more than seven (7) model years of age, is lacking vital component parts, and does not display a license plate currently valid in Minnesota or any other state or foreign country, it shall immediately be eligible for sale at public auction, and shall not be subject to the notification, reclamation, or title provisions of sections 6-3-2-3 or 6-3-2-4 of this chapter.
   D.   No Bid Received: Where no bid has been received for an abandoned motor vehicle, the city may dispose of it pursuant to contract under Minnesota statutes section 68B.10.
   E.   Proceeds Of Sale: From the proceeds of the sale of an abandoned motor vehicle, the city shall reimburse itself for the cost of towing, preserving and storing the vehicle, and all notice and publication costs incurred pursuant to this section 6-3-2. Any remainder from the proceeds of a sale shall be held for the owner of the vehicle or entitled lienholder for ninety (90) days and then be deposited in the city treasury. (Ord. 42, 6-5-1984)