As used in this section 6-3-2, the following words and terms shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section:
ABANDONED VEHICLE: A. A motor vehicle as defined in Minnesota statutes section 168B.011 that:
1. Has remained illegally: a) for a period of more than forty eight (48) hours on any property owned or controlled by a unit of government, or more than four (4) hours on that property when it is properly posted; or b) on private property for a period of time, as determined under Minnesota statutes section 168B.04, subdivision 2, without the consent of the person in control of the property; and
2. Lacks vital component parts or is in an inoperable condition such that it has no substantial potential for further use consistent with its usual functions, unless it is kept in an enclosed garage or storage building.
   B.   A classic car or pioneer car, as defined in Minnesota statutes section 168.10, is not considered an abandoned vehicle.
   C.   Vehicles on the premises of junk yards and automobile graveyards that are defined, maintained, and licensed in accordance with Minnesota statutes section 161.242, or that are licensed and maintained in accordance with local laws and zoning regulations, are not considered abandoned vehicles.
   D.   A vehicle being held for storage by agreement or being held under police authority or pursuant to a writ or court order is not considered abandoned, nor may it be processed as abandoned while the police hold, writ, or court is in effect.
VITAL COMPONENT PARTS: Those parts of a motor vehicle that are essential to the mechanical functioning of the vehicle, including such things as the motor, drive train and wheels. (Ord. 42, 6-5-1984; amd. 2002 Code)