A.   Designation By Council: The city council, by resolution, may designate streets on which travel by vehicles in excess of nine thousand (9,000) pounds' gross weight is prohibited.
   B.   Erection Of Signs: The city road superintendent shall erect appropriate signs on such streets.
   C.   Violation Prohibited: No person shall operate a heavy vehicle (as defined in subsection A of this section) on such posted streets in violation of the restrictions stated.
   D.   Public Right Of Way: No person shall park any commercial vehicle in or on a public right of way. For the purposes of this section, "commercial vehicle" shall include all buses, trucks, tractors, truck-tractors and semitrailers as defined in Minnesota statutes section 168.002. Note that in said section 168.002 pickup trucks and vans are considered passenger automobiles and not trucks.
   E.   Commercial Trucks: Truck-tractors, as defined in Minnesota statutes chapter 168.002, subdivision 38, shall not idle, nor shall any refrigeration unit thereon run for a period of more than five (5) minutes in any residential district or within one hundred feet (100') of any such district except for emergency, safety or maintenance reasons.
   F.   Exceptions: The following circumstances shall not be considered a violation of this section:
      1.   Commercial vehicles parked within the right of way actively engaged in loading, unloading or currently providing a service.
      2.   Truck-tractors and/or semitrailers associated with public or private construction and parked within five hundred feet (500') of the construction location.
      3.   The parking of truck-tractors and/or semitrailers on private property which is primarily used for commercial or industrial purposes although it is zoned residential as long as such use has existed continuously since December 18, 2001. (Ord. 2009-7, 5-5-2009)