A.   Nuisance Declared; Notice: Whenever the officer charged with enforcement determines that a public nuisance is being maintained or exists on premises in the city, the officer shall notify, in writing, the owner or occupant of the premises of such fact and order that such nuisance be terminated and abated.
   B.   Service Of Notice:
      1.   Personal Service; Certified, Registered Mail: The notice shall be served in person or by certified or registered mail.
      2.   Posting: If the premises are not occupied and the owner is unknown, the notice may be served by posting it on the premises.
   C.   Contents Of Notice: The notice shall specify the steps to be taken to abate the nuisance and the time, not exceeding thirty (30) days, within which the nuisance is to be abated.
   D.   Failure To Comply: If the notice is not complied with within the time specified, the enforcing officer shall report that fact forthwith to the council.
   E.   Abatement By City; Hearing: Thereafter the council may, after notice to the owner or occupant and an opportunity to be heard, provide for abating the nuisance by the city. The notice shall be served in the same manner as notice by the enforcing officer is served and shall be given at least ten (10) days before the date stated in the notice when the council will consider the matter. If notice is given by posting, at least thirty (30) days shall elapse between the day of posting and the hearing. (Ord. 5.1, 6-5-1984)