A.   Liability Insurance Required: The applicant of the mobile vending permit must possess or obtain liability insurance to protect against loss from liability imposed by law for damages on account of bodily injury or property damage arising from the mobile or seasonal vending operation. A certificate of insurance must be filed with the city prior to issuance of the mobile vending permit. The certificate of insurance must name the city, its officials, employees and agents as additional insured. Insurance coverage must be maintained for the duration of the mobile vending permit.
   B.   Minimum Limits: Insurance coverage must be a commercial general liability policy. The minimum limits must be at least one million dollars ($1,000,000.00). The city may require additional endorsements depending upon the type of mobile or seasonal vending operation and the proposed activities.
   C.   Waiver Or Reduction Of Required Limits: The city may waive or reduce insurance requirements of this section under the following circumstances:
      1.   The applicant or officer of the sponsoring organization signs a verified statement that the insurance coverage required by this section is impossible to obtain; or
      2.   The city determines that the insurance requirements are in excess of the reasonable risk presented by the proposed mobile vending permit. (Ord. 2016-015, 5-3-2016)