A.   Form: Application for a mobile vending permit must be made in writing and must contain a statement made upon oath or affirmation that the statements contained therein are true and correct to the best knowledge of the applicant and must be signed and sworn to or affirmed by the individual making application in the case of a corporation, by all partners in the case of a partnership, or by all officers of an unincorporated association, society or group, or, if there are no officers, by all members of such association, society, or group. The application must contain and disclose the following:
      1.   Applicant name, address, phone number and signature and mobile or seasonal vending signature if different from the applicant;
      2.   A scaled site plan or aerial photo showing lot lines, buildings, parking areas, and the proposed mobile or seasonal vending location (to scale) proposed for the site. A separate site plan or aerial photo with this information shall be submitted for each of the proposed sites under the permit. The plan shall include the dimensions of the mobile vending unit;
      3.   Property owner consent for any mobile or seasonal vending sites under the permit;
      4.   A written description of the use, the products to be sold, and schedule for operation of the mobile vending unit, including a listing of locations and their addresses, the activities planned, and beginning and end times for the mobile or seasonal vending to take place under the permit;
      5.   Estimated number of persons to operate the mobile vending unit;
      6.   Any public health plans for water, waste, and toilet facilities, as applicable;
      7.   A statement signed by the applicant agreeing to meet all of the requirements of this section;
      8.   Insurance as identified (below) in this chapter;
      9.   Health department approval for the mobile or seasonal vending operation;
      10.   Any other information requested by the city, acting through its city administrator or chief of police deemed reasonably necessary in order to determine the nature of the mobile vending permit.
   B.   Time For Filing: Mobile vending permit applications must be submitted no earlier than January 1 for that year's license. The city shall have at least thirty (30) days from January 1 to review the license applications. Mobile vending permit applications for seasonal vending must be submitted at least thirty (30) days in advance of the sale start date.
   C.   Permit Fee: An applicant for a mobile vending permit must pay a nonrefundable permit fee in the amount established from time to time by the city's fee ordinance. The fee shall not be prorated. (Ord. 2016-015, 5-3-2016)