3-20-3: PERMIT:
   A.   Permit Required: No person, business, organization shall operate mobile and seasonal vending in the city without first obtaining a mobile vending permit from the city, in addition to any other permits required by the county, state or other city ordinance. The mobile vending operation shall comply with all applicable requirements of this Code or other food, fire prevention, health, safety, County, State and Federal laws and regulations.
   B.   Exceptions: A permit is not required for:
      1.   A temporary fundraising event located directly adjacent to the front entrance of a grocery store or other retail store involving food from small scale grill or other temporary food distribution using a small temporary table, shall not be categorized as mobile and seasonal vending.
      2.   Mobile vending operations accessory to a permitted special event permit that is approved by the City. A mobile vending operation on its own does not constitute a special event.
      3.   Peddlers, solicitors, and transient merchants as defined by chapter 8 of this title shall be regulated based on the requirements of chapter 8 of this title.
      4.   Mobile catering operations on private property. Locations for mobile catering operations shall be compatible with the character of the surrounding neighborhood considering the possible creation of problems including noise, lighting, traffic, sanitation, congestion and other factors affecting the public health, safety and welfare of such areas in addition to compliance with all ordinances of this City and applicable statutes and regulations. (Ord. 2016-015, 5-3-2016)