1470.02  PURPOSE.
   Historic preservation is declared to be a public purpose and this chapter is enacted to regulate the construction, addition, alteration, repair, moving, excavation and demolition of resources in Historic Districts within the City of Battle Creek. The purpose of this chapter is to:
   (a)   Safeguard the heritage of the City by preserving Historic Districts and historic resources within the City which reflect significant historic, cultural, or architectural value.
   (b)   Stabilize and improve property values within any Historic District and surrounding areas.
   (c)   Foster civic beauty.
   (d)   Strengthen the local economy.
   (e)   Recommend the establishment, creation and promotion of a City historic registry and Historic Districts for the education, pleasure and welfare of the residents of the City and the State of Michigan.
   (f)   To encourage property owners and residents to participate in preservation activities.
(Ord. 14-97.  Passed 8-5-97.)