A.   This code shall be known and may be designated and cited as the BATAVIA CODE OF ORDINANCES OF 1986, as amended.
   B.   Unless otherwise provided herein or by law or implication required, the same rules of construction, definition and application shall govern the interpretation of this code as those governing the interpretation of the Illinois Compiled Statutes.
   C.   Where a section of this code is followed by a reference to the Illinois Compiled Statutes, such reference indicates that the section is analogous or similar to such Illinois Compiled Statutes section. Footnotes, cross references and other comments are by way of explanation only and should not be deemed a part of the text of any section. Any historical references following a section show the ordinance number or prior code section number where applicable, the date of passage, along with any amendments to such sections. (Ord. 12-22, 7-2-2012, eff. 8-1-2012)