A.   Establishment: Newly planted trees need special attention to ensure they become established. The first few years are a critical time in the life of a tree as mortality rates can be excessively high. All maintenance practices shall follow approved arboricultural practices.
   B.   Watering: Promptly after planting, the sod surrounding the tree should be thoroughly saturated. A second watering to completely saturate the sod should be done ten (10) to fourteen (14) days after planting. Additional watering should not be necessary unless drought conditions occur.
   C.   Fertilization: Fertilization of newly planted trees is recommended only after checking with a tree expert or arborist. The use of a high phosphorus starting fertilizer is recommended in such a situation.
   D.   Inspection: Periodic inspections of newly planted trees for pests and diseases should be done to ensure the continued health of the tree.
   E.   Pruning: The pruning of newly planted trees is not recommended, except for the removal of dead or broken branches. Water sprouts should be removed when they reach the diameter of a pencil. (Ord. 08-11, 8-4-2008)