The following terms shall have the following definitions for purposes of this chapter:
   BED AND BREAKFAST ESTABLISHMENT: An operator occupied residence providing accommodations for a charge to the public with no more than five (5) guestrooms for rent, in operation for more than ten (10) nights in a twelve (12) month period. Breakfast may be provided to the guests only. Bed and breakfast establishments shall not include motels, hotels, boarding houses, or food service establishments.
   GUESTROOM: A room for sleeping intended to serve no more than two (2) transient guests plus one child under the age of eighteen (18) per night.
   OPERATOR: The owner of the bed and breakfast establishment, or the owner's agent, who is required by the act to reside in the bed and breakfast establishment, or on contiguous property, and to manage the operation of the establishment.
   PERSON: An individual, partnership or joint venture, corporation, limited liability company or other entity. (Ord. 14-27, 5-19-2014)