The local liquor commissioner has the following authority to suspend, revoke and/or fine a licensee who has violated the provisions of this chapter:
   A.   Suspension Without Prior Hearing: If the local liquor commissioner has reason to believe that any of the following circumstances exist the license may be suspended upon the issuance of a written order stating the reason for such conclusions without prior notice or hearing for not more than seven (7) days, giving the licensee an opportunity to be heard during that period; provided that, if the licensee is also engaged in another business on the licensed premises, such order shall not be applicable to the other business. A license may be suspended immediately for the following reasons:
      1.   Continued operation of the licensed premises will immediately threaten the welfare of the community;
      2.   No valid state or local license currently exists for the premises;
      3.   No dramshop insurance is currently in place or has lapsed, been canceled or terminated.
   B.   Suspension, Revocation And/Or Fine After Hearing: If the local liquor commissioner determines that a licensee has violated any provision of this chapter or of the state liquor code after notice and a hearing as provided in section 3-3-47 of this chapter, the local liquor commissioner may impose any combination of the following penalties: conditions on the license and any immediate subsequent license, suspension for up to thirty (30) days, fines or revocation. (Ord. 14-13, 2-17-2014)
   C.   Fines: In addition to or in lieu of a suspension, the local liquor commissioner may levy a fine on the licensee. The fine imposed shall not exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) for each violation during the period of the license; and all fines in the aggregate shall not exceed fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000.00) during any license period. Each day on which a violation continues shall constitute a separate violation. Proceeds from such fines shall be paid into the general corporate fund of the city. (Ord. 13-16, 4-1-2013)