All liquor licensees shall comply with local and State laws on smoking, to police the area in and around the licensed premises and keep the area free from trash and debris and to furnish receptacles for disposal of smoking materials outside the licensed premises. It shall be a condition of all liquor license holders that:
   A.   A receptacle for disposal of smoking materials shall be provided approximately twenty feet (20') from any entrance used by the public or employees. Such receptacles shall be kept clean, and if open, cleaned every day that the premises is open for business so as not to allow a visible accumulation of materials.
   B.   It shall be the duty of each license holder to maintain in good, clean condition the outdoor area of City or other public property within thirty feet (30') of the premises, including keeping planters, stairs and streets free of discarded trash and garbage, including, but not limited to, discarded smoking materials. Said area shall be cleaned each day that the premises are open for business. (Ord. 13-16, 4-1-2013)