3-3-15-3: SAMPLING:
Class B, G or H retailers, distributors, importing distributors, manufacturers and nonresident dealer licensees may offer or retain a tasting representative to offer for sale and serve up to three (3) drinks of alcoholic liquor per person for sampling, tasting or test marketing purposes without violating subsection 3-3-36B1 of this chapter, provided the total quantity of the sampling package, regardless of the number of containers in which the alcoholic liquor is being served, does not exceed one ounce of distilled spirits, four (4) ounces of wine, or sixteen (16) ounces of beer. In any event, all other provisions of section 3-3-36 of this chapter shall apply to an on premises retail licensee that conducts product sampling. (Ord. 15-17, 4-20-2015)