The outdoor sale and/or consumption of alcoholic liquor shall be allowed in conjunction with a class F or class G license subject to the conditions in section 3-3-15-1 of this chapter and the following conditions:
   A.   The site drawing submitted shall show the physical boundaries of the area of the outdoor sales and/or consumption in compliance with the provisions herein and must be approved by the city council and the chief of police;
   B.   The outdoor sale and/or consumption area shall be fully enclosed by some combination of fencing, walls, partitions, or similar materials with clearly marked entrances and exits, and the alcoholic liquor may only be sold and consumed in the area so designated;
   C.   The entrances and exits to and from the designated outside area for sale and consumption shall be monitored, and no person under the age of twenty one (21) shall be allowed into the designated area unless accompanied by an adult parent or guardian;
   D.   The applicant shall comply with any other conditions on the outside sale and/or consumption of alcoholic liquor that are imposed by the city council when the license is approved or is otherwise required by the chief of police for the public health, safety and welfare;
   E.   A plan for security to maintain order, to ensure compliance with the conditions of the license and to ensure compliance with all applicable rules and regulations shall be tendered and must be approved; and
   F.   An additional fee may be charged for an outdoor class F or G license based on the amount of staff time required to process and supervise the licensing. (Ord. 13-16, 4-1-2013)