The following provisions shall apply to all class F (special event (not for profit)) licenses and all class G (special use) licenses:
   A.   The applicant shall complete an application on the form required by the city and provide the following:
      1.   Designation of the location, the hours and the purpose of the event and indication whether the alcoholic liquor will be sold indoors only.
      2.   If the premises where the event will be located is not owned by the applicant, the applicant shall provide a copy of the written lease or other evidence of right to occupy the premises from the owner or tenant along with written consent to hold the event on the premises and an undertaking by the owner or tenant of joint and several responsibility for compliance with all of the provisions of the license and this chapter.
      3.   Evidence of liability and dramshop insurance providing coverage for the premises, the licensee and the owner of the premises where the alcoholic liquor is to be sold and the sponsor of the event if the sponsor is someone other than the licensee, including the city if obtained for a city event.
      4.   Consent to be fingerprinted and to a criminal background check as more specifically described in subsections 3-3-15F6 and G3 of this chapter unless the applicant has submitted to fingerprinting and a criminal background check by the city in the preceding twelve (12) months.
      5.   The applicant shall provide the following information:
         a.   The estimated number of persons attending the event,
         b.   The location and layout of liquor sales at the event and at the premises,
         c.   The persons responsible for dispensing of alcoholic liquor,
         d.   Steps to be taken by the applicant to protect against any violations of the city's ordinances, including the prohibition of sales to minors,
         e.   What type of liquor shall be dispensed and consumed,
         f.   Whether live entertainment will be provided at the special event, and
         g.   Any other information the liquor commissioner or chief of police requests relevant to issuance of the license.
      6.   The applicant shall submit in writing the plan for providing security at the event and the persons who shall be responsible for providing security at the event to control the entrances and exits, to maintain good order and to ensure that compliance with the provisions of this chapter and any additional conditions that are required by the police department to protect the public health, safety and welfare are satisfied.
      7.   The applicant shall pay the appropriate fee with the application, provided that the fee may be waived by the liquor commissioner for an applicant that is a governmental unit and/or not for profit organization at his sole discretion.
   B.   The following rules and regulations shall apply to each event for which a class F or class G license is obtained:
      1.   All of the individuals who sell and serve liquor must be twenty one (21) years of age or older; (Ord. 13-16, 4-1-2013)
      2.   Class F and G licensees shall comply with the training and service requirements described in section 3-3-28 of this chapter; (Ord. 15-17, 4-20-2015)
      3.   Adequate provisions shall be made for identifying persons who are of legal, drinking age and ensuring that minors are not served;
      4.   A schedule of drink prices must be posted at the site of the event and shall remain the same for each day of the event;
      5.   The approved license must be posted in plain view at the event;
      6.   Alcoholic liquor may not be sold or consumed outdoors unless the applicant is approved for outdoor service and consumption and complies with the conditions in section 3-3-15-2 of this chapter;
      7.   The applicant shall comply with all other state and local regulations, including the prohibition against serving alcoholic liquors to intoxicated persons, and any other conditions imposed by the city council, the local liquor commissioner and chief of police, including any specific requirements for security at the event; and
      8.   Alcoholic liquor shall not be given away pursuant to a class F or class G license unless the event is a private function.
   C.   Class F and class G licenses may be approved directly by the city council without committee approval. (Ord. 13-16, 4-1-2013)