A.   It is unlawful to sell or offer for sale at retail in the city any alcoholic liquor without a local retail liquor license ("local liquor license"), or in violation of the terms of such license. Each local liquor license issued under this chapter shall terminate on April 30 following date of issuance.
   B.   Any period of termination, nonrenewal or lapse in dramshop insurance shall automatically suspend the license, and all of the rights and privileges of the license shall remain suspended until dramshop insurance is obtained, renewed or reinstated.
   C.   If, during the license period, the licensee no longer owns or has a valid lease on the premises for which a liquor license has been issued, the license shall become automatically suspended, and all of the rights and privileges of the license shall remain suspended until the licensee obtains, renews or reinstates lawful possession of the premises by ownership or lease.
   D.   Any license held but not used for the actual operation of the licensed business at any time for a continuous period of six (6) months shall, after the expiration of the six (6) months, automatically terminate.
   E.   A license shall terminate if the licensee moves the business for which the license was issued to a new location, subject to the provisions in section 3-3-23 of this chapter.
   F.   Any sale, transfer, or assignment of fifty percent (50%) or more of the ownership of the business shall terminate the license, requiring a new application for a license. No sales of alcoholic liquor shall continue after such a sale, transfer or assignment until the new ownership applies, qualifies and is granted a license.
   G.   A license shall terminate with the cessation of the licensee's business as provided in section 3-3-22 of this chapter.
   H.   A license shall terminate upon a change in ownership of more than five percent (5%) of the licensee or management personnel if the new ownership or personnel is ineligible for a liquor license as provided more specifically in section 3-3-25 of this chapter.
   I.   Any license that is issued pursuant to this chapter for which the required state license is not obtained and a copy submitted to the city within thirty (30) days after issuance of the local license shall be automatically suspended retroactive to the date of issuance until such time as the requisite state license is obtained.
   J.   Any person who sells or continues to sell alcoholic liquor during a time when the liquor license has not been renewed, has been suspended or has terminated is guilty of violating this section. (Ord. 13-16, 4-1-2013)