(A)   (1)   The Board of County Commissioners may determine, by an engineering and traffic investigation, those portions of any road or street, including bridges, under its jurisdiction where overtaking and passing or driving to the left of the roadway would be especially hazardous.
      (2)   Upon making that determination, the Board may, by ordinance, designate no-passing zones by appropriate signs or marks on the roadway.
(Prior Code, § 7-18)
   (B)   The County Highway Supervisor shall maintain, in his or her office, a current listing of no-passing zones designated by appropriate ordinance, which shall be available for public inspection during regular business hours.
(Prior Code, § 7-19)
Statutory reference:
   Authorizes the county to designate no-passing zones and one-lane bridges, see I.C. 9-21-4-13 and I.C. 9-21-4-14