8-2-7: VAGRANCY:
It shall be unlawful for any person to have the status of a "vagrant". The following persons shall be deemed vagrants:
   (A)   No Lawful Means of Support: Any person having no lawful means of employment and having no lawful means of support realized solely from lawful occupations or sources; or, any person who lives idly and without visible means of support.
   (B)   Loitering: Any person found loitering or strolling in, about or upon any public highway, street or public place, or any public gathering or assembly, or in or around any business or commercial establishment, or on any private property or place without lawful business; or conducting himself in a lewd, wanton or lascivious manner in speech or behavior.
   (C)   Burglars' Tools: Any person upon whose person or in whose possession shall be found any instrument, tool or other implement for picking locks or pockets, or any implement that is usually employed or that reasonably may be inferred to have been designed to be employed in the commission of any felony, misdemeanor or the violation of any Village ordinance, and who shall fail to account satisfactorily for the possession of the same.
   (D)   Unlawful Occupancy: Any person wandering abroad and occupying, lodging or sleeping in any vacant or unoccupied barn, garage, shed, shop or other building or structure, or in any automobile, truck, railroad car or other vehicle, without owning the same or without permission of the owner or person entitled to the possession of the same, or sleeping in any vacant lot during the hours of darkness and not giving a satisfactory account of himself.
   (E)   Abroad at Unusual Hours: Any person who wanders about the streets, alleys or other public ways or places, or who is found abroad at late or unusual hours in the night without any visible or lawful business and not giving a satisfactory account of himself. (Ord. 63-3, 5-27-63)