(A)   Definitions: For the purposes of this Section, the following definitions shall apply:
COMPOST PILE: The location on the property where composting occurs in a heap, bin or container. A refuse or manure pile shall not be construed to be a compost pile.
COMPOSTING: The process of turning organic waste materials into humus. Temperature, moisture, ventilation and quantity of organic materials are factors necessary to the process. Domestic sewage or septage shall not be used in the process of composting.
HUMUS: The finished product of composting to be used for enhancing or renovating the soil on the property on which it was produced.
   (B)   Composting Conditions: It shall be unlawful to maintain a compost pile which:
      1.   Emits a putrid or rancid odor and attracts or harbors flies, rats or vectors; or
      2.   Attracts or harbors flies, rats or vectors; or
      3.   Consists of domestic sewage or septage, animal carcasses, cooking greases or petroleum products; or
      4.   Is located within fifty feet (50') of any lot line or dedicated or platted right of way, whichever is more restrictive; or
      5.   Is located within one hundred feet (100') of a water course, drainage way, flood plain, lake or pond; this provision shall not authorize a compost pile to leach or drain in the direction of said surface waters. (Ord. 90-13, 5-21-1990)