It shall be unlawful to:
   (A)   Pile manure from horses or ponies, or permit it to accumulate, closer than one hundred feet (100') from the property line of the property on which a horse is kept.
   (B)   Permit a pile or accumulation of manure for more than one week except in the months of December through March inclusive at any location within three hundred fifty feet (350') of the nearest dwelling house of another.
   (C)   Pile manure or permit it to accumulate within one hundred feet (100') of a watercourse, lake or pond if surface drainage is from the point or area of accumulation to said body of water; this provision shall not authorize or legalize the piling or accumulation of manure at any closer location in violation of any other law, ordinance or regulation of the Village. (Ord. 75-11, 11-24-1975)