At the conclusion of the hearing, the Hearing Officer shall make a determination on the basis of the evidence presented at the hearing as to whether or not a Code or ordinance violation exists. The determination shall be in writing. The final determination shall include: a) a finding as to liability on the violation and if liability is determined; b) the issuance of an applicable fine and/or an order of compliance.
Any sanctions imposed under this title shall be subject to the penalty provisions in this Code applicable to the specific violation. Otherwise, such sanctions shall be governed by the penalty provisions set forth in chapter 4 of this title as amended from time to time. A copy of the determination shall be served on the defendant within five (5) days after it is issued. Service of determination may be made by personal service upon a party or its employees or agents, by mail to a party's address or by electronic mail to the party's electronic mail address. For the purpose of judicial review, the date of service shall constitute the date upon which the determination was personally served upon the party or the date upon which the determination was deposited in the mail addressed to the party. (Ord. 19-06, 2-25-2019)