A.   Conduct Of Business At Licensed Location: Every business or shop licensed under the provisions of this Chapter or other ordinance of the Town shall be conducted in or from the location as licensed and in or from no other place. Separate licenses shall be secured for additional locations.
   B.   Compliance With Zoning Regulations: No business shall be licensed or conducted from any location unless the same shall be in compliance with the provisions of Title 8, Zoning Regulations, of this Code. (Ord. 82-13, 10-19-1982)
   C.   Applicability: This subsection shall apply to all persons conducting or operating a business in the Town.
      1.   No business shall be conducted in any area not currently zoned for the applicable business, unless said business shall have obtained, prior to the conducting or operating of said business, a bona fide variance, exception or conditional use from the Town.
      2.   Specifically, no business shall be conducted or operated in any residential areas of the Town and business licenses shall be issued only in those areas of the Town that are specifically zoned for such business, except as provided herein. (Ord. 87-05, 7-21-1987; amd. 1999 Code)