A.   Obtain Franchise, Tax: All public utility companies, as defined in the Wyoming Statutes, operating or desiring to operate or conduct their business within the Town, shall apply to the Town Council for a franchise under which to so operate. Each public utility company shall comply in all respects with the conditions of the franchise, and with the laws of the State and the United States with regard to such operation. The franchise is to be granted for such period of time and subject to such conditions, in addition to the laws of the State, as the Town Council may deem suitable and proper. Each public utility company shall annually pay to the Town a tax as provided in subsection B of this Section, the tax to be due and payable at the office of the Town Treasurer, on August 5 in each and every calendar year, and to become and be considered delinquent if not paid within thirty (30) days following the date in each and every year, no notice or formal demand for payment of the tax being necessary.
   B.   Public Utilities Fee: Any person who shall maintain and operate with the Town any plant or system for the generation, transmission and/or distribution and sale to the public of electrical energy for light, heat or power; any system for the distribution and sale of natural or artificial gas or light, heat or power; or any plant, property or facility for the communication of messages for hire or charge, or by means of which telephone messages and communications are received and transmitted to and for hire by the public, shall pay to the Town an annual tax due as established herein, such franchise fee to be set by agreement with each utility company. (Ord. 82-13, 10-19-1982; amd. 1999 Code)
   C.   Failure To Pay Tax: No public utility company, or operator of any business within the Town, shall have or be entitled to any exemption from penalty under the terms of this Chapter because of the absence of any written notice or other formal demand for payment of the taxes or license fees provided in subsection B of this Section. Payment of penalty, upon conviction of any violation hereunder, shall not excuse or exempt any public utility company, or the operator of any business as aforesaid, from payment of the tax or license fee. (Ord. 82-13, 10-19-1982)