6-4-3: TREE BOARD:
   A.   Board Created: For the purpose of this Chapter, the Town Council hereby delegates the duties and responsibilities of a Tree Board, as defined in this Chapter, to the Parks and Recreation Committee for the Town of Bar Nunn.
   B.   Duties And Responsibilities:
      1.   It shall be the responsibility of the Parks and Recreation Committee, in cooperation with the County Horticulturist, to study, investigate, counsel, and develop and/or update annually, and administer a written plan for the care, preservation, trimming, planting, removal or disposition of trees and shrubs in public ways, streets and alleys. Such plan will be presented annually to the Town Council, and upon their acceptance and approval, by minute action, shall constitute the official comprehensive Town of Bar Nunn Tree Plan.
      2.   The Tree Board, when requested by the Town Council, shall consider, investigate, make findings, report, and recommend upon any special matter or question coming within the scope of this Chapter. (Ord. 91-06, 10-1-1991)