6-3-5: FEES:
It is the purpose of this Chapter to provide for the recovery of costs established through a resolution established by the Casper city council from users of the POTW for the implementation of the program established herein, which may include:
   A.   Fees for reimbursement of costs of setting up and operating the city's pretreatment program;
   B.   Fees for monitoring, inspections, and surveillance procedures;
   C.   Fees for reviewing accidental discharge procedures and construction;
   D.   Fees for permit applications;
   E.   Fees for filing appeals;
   F.   Fees for consistent removal (by the city/Town) of pollutants otherwise subject to categorical standard;
   G.   Fees to control excessive amounts of floatable grease, sand or other harmful ingredients not properly removed by existing interceptors or handling procedures may be imposed by the Town.
   H.   Other fees as the city/Town may deem necessary to carry out the requirements contained herein.
These fees relate solely to the matters covered by this Chapter and are separate from all other fees chargeable by the Town. (Ord. 99-03, 11-16-1999)