A.   Owner Responsibility: The Town will not be responsible for the initiation and completion of the design or construction of the extension of any sanitary sewer mains presently situated within the Town, except in those limited instances stated hereinafter. Owners of lots not presently serviced by existing sewer mains, shall bear the costs of installation of new sewer mains approved designed and constructed under the terms and conditions hereinafter stated.
   B.   Sewer Main Extension Application And Approval Process: A landowner owning a platted lot situated within the Town, and having an existing sewer main situated at or within ten feet (10') of his/its property line, may make a written application for the extension of an existing sewer main to the Town Council, through the Town Clerk. The application will be submitted to the Town Council, through the Town Clerk. After review and upon approval of the application by the Town Council, the existing sewer main shall be extended, pursuant to the application approved, and in accordance with such additional directives, if any, added by the Town Council.
   C.   Mandatory Length; Costs Of Design:
      1.   Extension Length: A sewer main shall be extended from the terminus of the main, immediately preceding construction, across the lot or lots to be serviced, and shall terminate within three feet (3') of the upstream property line of the last lot to be serviced by the extension; subject however to the condition the owner of the furthest upstream lot to be served by the extension, shall be obligated to extend the main to ten feet (10') beyond his furthest upstream lot line.
All engineering services required for any extension authorized hereunder, shall be provided by the Town's Engineer. The Engineer shall, during the year 2000, undertake and complete sewer main design work for extension of sewer lines within the Town. The design shall be submitted to the proper governmental authorities for approval. Following approval of the design, the owners of those lots receiving sewer service through an extension of a sewer main, constructed under the approved design, shall each bear their proportionate share of the Town's design and engineering costs. To substantiate the stated costs, the Town shall retain the original billings, or copies thereof. Any additional design and engineering required during, and following the construction of the extension, shall likewise be borne, proportionately, by the lot owners.
In the event lot owner(s) requests extension of a sewer line at a time after which the original governmental approval is no longer valid, the owner(s) seeking the extension shall bear the costs incurred by the Town to update and modify the original sewer extension design scheme, so as to be in compliance with applicable governmental standards.
      2.   Costs Of Construction: All costs associated with the actual construction of the sewer main extension shall be the sole and separate responsibility of the affected landowners, except: a) the costs associated with the construction of the ten (10) additional feet of the extension lying beyond the last lot served; b) the cost associated with the construction of that portion of a sewer main extension which transverses Town property; and c) the costs associated with the construction of that portion of a sewer main extension on Sunset and Bel Vista Streets, which is necessary to bring the existing sewer main from its present terminus to a lot line from which a lot owner may then extend the line to provide service in accordance with the provisions hereof. The costs associated with the immediately preceding exceptions, items a), b) and c) of this subsection, shall be originally borne by the lot owner as part of the sewer main extension; but will be reimbursed to the lot owner, after review by the Town Council, on the basis of the linear cost per foot paid by the owner(s) for the stated section, or upon such basis agreed to by the parties, should the Town Council find the linear cost per foot above or below the then prevailing market price for similar services and materials.
The costs associated with the sewer main extension to be borne by the lot owner shall include, but shall not be limited to, the charges for labor and material consumed during construction; the charges for inspecting and approving the extension; charges for permitting, licensing, or acquisition of other governmental approval; and the charges for acquisition of a sewer tap from the extended line. Construction costs may also include charges for the removal of existing, or the construction of new, sewer clean outs, if required; and charges for connecting the extension to, and/or the forming of inverts within, existing manholes, if required.
   D.   Installation Of Manholes: Manholes shall be installed in any sewer main extension, in accordance with the design prepared by or at the request of the Town. The cost to be assessed for any manhole, shall not exceed the sum of two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500.00), or two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500.00), plus three percent (3%) per year from the base year, 2000. All costs associated with the installation of the manholes, as designed, shall be borne, proportionately, by the landowners acquiring new sewer service from the extension. Such costs shall be paid to the contractor installing the manholes by the affected lot owner(s).
Upon extension of any sewer main, the owner of the furthest upstream lot, upon conclusion of the extension, shall be assessed an amount equal to two thousand seven hundred fifty dollars ($2,750.00), together with his/her portion of the manhole costs and engineering design fees occurring as the result of the extension. The stated two thousand seven hundred fifty dollar ($2,750.00) assessment fee shall be retained by the Town to reimburse and defray inspection, construction and engineering fees occurring during the course of the extension. In the event a lot owner shall fail to pay the assessment fees, the Town shall be entitled to collect the assessments as provided by Wyoming State law.
In the event any extension of a sewer main does not require the concurrent installation of a manhole under the terms of the applicable design scheme, each lot owner to be served from the contemplated extension, shall install and pay the costs associated with installation of a sewer clean out trap. The clean out shall be installed under the direction and oversight of the Town's Engineer. All payments to be paid, shall be made directly from the affected lot owners to the contractor installing the clean out.
   E.   Permanent Easement; Standards Of Construction; Acceptance Of Constructed Extension: All sewer main extensions shall be constructed from the terminus of existing sewer mains, parallel and between adjacent Town streets or alleys and the affected lots. If the extension, in order to meet the immediately preceding requirements, must pass through an affected lot, the landowner shall grant a permanent easement to the Town allowing the replacement and maintenance of the constructed line. The easement shall be prepared by the Town, and executed and delivered to the Town, by the landowner, prior to commencement of construction.
The sewer main extension construction shall be conducted under and comport with the Casper Board Of Public Utilities "Standard Sewage Collection Facilities - Standard Specifications - 1987" and the following special provisions:
      1.   All main piping shall be SDR 35 PVC of eight inch (8") diameter unless plans show otherwise.
      2.   Granular encasement, granular bedding and granular foundation is required for all new sewer main construction.
      3.   The present alley base course shall be removed and replaced after construction. If alley base course is lost the land owner is totally responsible to replace this with base course meeting the gradation of WDOT grading "W". The supplied gravel section shall have a four inch (4") compacted thickness and shall be twelve feet (12') wide and extend the length of construction or to the point where lost base is not a problem, as determined by the Town.
      4.   All construction compaction shall be ninety five percent (95%) standard proctor. The Town may do soil testing to ascertain compaction. If compaction is deficient the landowner is responsible to obtain passing compaction prior to Town approval. The Town shall pay for initial testing. Subsequent testing due to failed tests will be charged to the landowner.
      5.   The Town shall stake the vertical and horizontal grades at twenty five foot (25') intervals one time at no charge to the landowner. Restaking due to construction damage shall be charged to the landowner.
      6.   The contractor shall have and maintain insurance equal to current Town requirements.
      7.   The contractor shall be responsible for all utility coordination. The contractor shall be responsible for all utility damage during construction operations.
      8.   The contractor is responsible to adhere to all local and State requirements.
      9.   The contractor shall hold the Town harmless due to its construction operations.
      10.   Testing of sewer main construction shall be as outlined in the appendix.
      11.   The landowner shall warrant the work for one year or obtain a warranty from the contractor for the duration of one year from the completion of construction. This warranty shall be manifested on a standard sewer construction contract approved by the Town and executed by the lot owner, the contractor and the Town.
The Town reserves sole authority to inspect and approve to any extension construction, pursuant to the previously identified document. No service connections to any affected lot will be allowed until the Town has approved construction of the extension, and all fees have been paid. (Ord. 2000-01, 2-1-2000)