A.   Pumping Stations: When pumping stations are required, the cost of constructing such stations shall be the responsibility of the property served thereby. In those instances where it appears that more than one subdivision may be served by the pump station, the Town may require a larger capacity than that necessary to serve the initial development. Where such larger capacity is required, the additional cost may be paid by the Town and thereafter collected from other property owners or subdividers connecting to lines served by the pump station. Such charges shall be paid prior to the time any connections are made.
   B.   Force Mains Serving Areas Not Part Of Sewer Utility: Force mains required to serve an area not otherwise able to enter the sewer utility shall be constructed at the expense of the owners of the property to be served thereby.
   C.   Tie Into Gravity Lines From Pumping Stations And Force Mains: In those instances where pumping stations and force mains are required, the sewer utility shall be designed so as to permit an eventual connection into a gravity system with a minimum of expense. Where practicable, easements shall be provided and lines constructed to tie into the gravity system. The Town may require deposits, where deemed necessary, from the property owners requiring such force system to ensure the eventual construction of gravity lines. (Ord. 90-03, 11-27-1990)