A.   Subdivisions 1 :
      1.   Main Extension Contract Required: No sewer mains shall be constructed in a platted subdivision until the subdivider and the Town have executed a sewer main extension contract.
      2.   Subdivider To Install Mains After Plan Approval: The subdivider shall install the sewer mains in his subdivision by contract upon approval of the plans and specifications by the Town and execution of a sewer extension contract. The Town may elect to install the sewer mains, in which case the subdivider shall deposit with the Town the estimated cost of the construction, plus engineering and administrative costs. The Town shall then proceed to construct the sewer mains under contract. If at any time the actual cost exceeds the amount deposited, the subdivider shall immediately deposit sufficient funds to complete the work.
      3.   Costs Of Construction; Extension Of Mains: The subdivider shall pay the costs of construction of all sewer mains and appurtenances to, in and through his subdivision, except as otherwise provided in this Chapter. Sewer mains shall always be extended to the farthest points upgrade in a platted subdivision so that the sewer utility may be perpetuated.
   B.   Construction In Undeveloped Areas: When a subdivider finds it necessary to construct a sewer main through undeveloped areas to serve his platted subdivision, the entire cost of such sewer main shall be paid by the subdivider unless the oversize sewer main provisions of Section 6-2-7 of this Chapter are applicable. At the time of annexation or as the property abutting such sewer main is developed and connections are made to the sewer main, the Town may collect a charge per front foot based upon the original construction cost and if so collected shall reimburse the original subdivider to the extent of the collections so made; provided, that in no event shall such reimbursement exceed the total cost of the sewer main. A subdivider's right to reimbursement under the provisions of this Section shall terminate fifteen (15) years after execution of the sewer extension contract.
   C.   Extension To Property Not In A Subdivision: Extension of sewer mains to serve property within the Town, but not a part of a subdivision or property within a platted subdivision without existing sewer service, shall be financed by special assessment against the benefited property or under such terms and conditions as the Town shall provide. (Ord. 90-03, 11-27-1990)



1. See Title 9 of this Code for subdivision regulations.