A.   Dimensions And Material Requirements: All service lines shall comply with the current Casper public utilities sanitary sewer collection facilities standard specifications, CPU water distribution facilities standard specifications, pertaining to sanitary sewer mains.
   B.   Backfilling Of Trenches: All service lines should comply with the current above named standard specifications with the following exceptions: (Ord. 90-03, 11-27-1990; amd. 1999 Code)
      1.   Compaction shall be as described in the current WWSD standards. Specifications in streets or alleys shall be type A and in other areas shall be as specified by the Town Engineer.
      2.   Type B shall be compacted to the density of the in situ material or greater.
      3.   Density tests, conducted by a qualified independent soil testing firm, shall be furnished to the Town for trenches installed in Town property or any area designated for use by the public; such as public roads, alleys, utility easements, etc.
   C.   Maintenance Of Inside: The inside of every sewer service line connecting with the sewer utility shall be left smooth and perfectly clean throughout its entire length and the ends of all lines not to be immediately used shall be securely guarded against the introduction of each, sand or other foreign material by bricks and cement or other watertight and impervious material.
   D.   Property Owner Responsible: The cost of installing the sewer service line shall be paid by the property owner. The owners of the property served by a sewer service line shall be responsible for repairing or replacing such sewer service line when, in the opinion of the administrative official, such line has become inoperative due to stoppages, crushing, settlement or any other defect. (Ord. 90-03, 11-27-1990)
   E.   Method And Specifications For Connections: All service lines shall comply with the current standard specifications set out in subsection A of this Section, pertaining to sanitary sewer mains. When a connection is made to a sewer main, the service line shall be connected thereto, but not backfilled, until the connection has been inspected and approved by the Town or its designated representatives. (Ord. 90-03, 11-27-1990; amd. 1999 Code)