A.   Placement At Lot Lines: All garbage and refuse containers shall be placed at the lot line of the street in front of each lot. The containers shall be secured in such a manner as to provide reasonable security against being overturned by animals, wind or other causes and otherwise secured in a sanitary and clean manner.
   B.   Hours: All materials prepared for collection pursuant to the provisions of subsection A of this Section, and other provisions of this Chapter, shall be so situated as to be readily accessible for collection. Such materials shall not be permitted to remain at the lot line of the street for more than twenty four (24) hours unless completely housed in a decorative enclosure.
   C.   Time Of Collection: The Town official in charge of the collection of garbage and refuse is hereby empowered to prescribe such rules and regulations as he may deem proper, not inconsistent with this Chapter, to govern the manner and time for the collection, removal and disposition of all garbage and refuse. (Ord. 98-05, 8-4-1998)