§ 55.63  INSPECTION.
   (A)   The town shall conduct inspections of the installation of the storm water management system to ensure compliance with the terms of the Drainage Standards Manual and the storm water management approval.
   (B)   The applicant must notify the town 48 hours in advance of construction of the storm water management system, inspections of the system construction may be conducted by the staff of the town or their designated representative. If required, the applicant shall execute an inspection services agreement with the town and pay all applicable inspection fees per the terms stated in the agreement.
   (C)   The town has the authority to conduct post-construction inspections to ensure the storm water management facility is maintained in good condition. Parties responsible for the operation and maintenance of a storm water management facility shall make and keep records of the installation and of all maintenance and repairs. These records shall be made available to the Department of Storm Water Management upon request and shall be retained for a period of three years.
   (D)   If the responsible party fails to meet the requirements of the installation and maintenance conditions per the Drainage Standards Manual and the terms and conditions of the storm water management approval, the town shall pursue enforcement action according to § 55.64 below.
(Ord. 2005-11, passed 10- -2005)