(A)   Written notification. In the event the town or other regulatory agency determines the project is not in compliance with this subchapter, Rule 5 or the town Drainage Standards Manual, the project site owner will be issued a written notification from the town. The written notification may be in the form of a warning letter of noncompliance or violation notice.
   (B)   Stop-work order (revocation of building permit). In the event that any person with approval pursuant to this subchapter violates the terms of the building permit or implements construction practices in a manner so as to materially adversely affect the health, welfare or safety of persons residing or working in the neighborhood or project site so as to be materially detrimental to the public welfare or injurious to property or improvements in the neighborhood, the town may suspend or revoke the building permit.
(Ord. 2005-1, passed 1-11-2005)