(A)   The requirements of this subchapter are in compliance with Rule 5 and apply to all persons meeting the requirements of 327 I.A.C. 15-5-2. In general, this subchapter requires the control of storm water discharges from construction activities with a land disturbance greater than or equal to one acre, or disturbances of less than one acre of land that are part of a larger common plan of development or sale if the larger common plan will ultimately disturb one or more acres of land.
   (B)   The requirements of this subchapter do not apply to persons who are involved in:
      (1)   Agricultural land disturbing activities; or
      (2)   Forest harvesting activities.
   (C)   The requirements of this subchapter do not apply to the following activities, provided other applicable permits contain provisions requiring immediate implementation of soil erosion control measures: landfills that have been issued a certification of closure under 329 I.A.C. 10; coal mining activities permitted under I.C. 14-34; municipal solid waste landfills that are accepting waste pursuant to a permit issued by the State Department of Environmental Management under 329 I.A.C. 10 that contains equivalent storm water requirements, including the expansion of landfill boundaries and construction of new cells either within or outside the original solid waste permit boundary.
   (D)   In addition to the requirements of this subchapter, storm water pollution prevention plans shall be developed in accordance with the Town Drainage Standards Manual.
(Ord. 2005-1, passed 1-11-2005)