(A)   There shall be and hereby are established for the use of and the services rendered by the electric utility of the town, the following rates and charges.
   (B)   When future changes occur in the cost of purchased power, which changes would cause a change in the purchased power cost adjustment tracking factor calculated in accordance with the order of the Public Service Commission of the state, approved on May 2, 1984, in Cause No. 36825-S2, as may be hereafter amended by the Commission, that factor shall automatically be changed accordingly and the Superintendent of the electric utility of the town shall cause the appropriate documents for approval of the change to be filed with the Commission.
   (C)   The Town Council hereby elects to receive payments in lieu of property taxes.
   (D)   The Town Council hereby elects to earn a reasonable return on the electric utility plant.
(Ord. 2005-9, passed - -2005; Ord. 2020-08, passed 3-10-2020; Ord. 2020-19, 9-29-2020; Ord. 2021-17, passed 10-5-2021; Ord. 2022-13, passed 6-28-2022)