§ 50.22  DEPOSITS.
   (A)   Residential customers are customers who will reside within the residence.
      (1)   Meter deposits are required for all individuals applying for residential electric and/or water service with the utility; meter deposits are as follows:
         (a)   Electric deposit two times a 12 month rolling average;
         (b)   Water deposit $100;
         (c)   The deposit amount is to be paid in full at the time of establishing the utility account; and
      (2)   Construction of (new home/business will be charged $100 per connection).
      (3)   If service is disconnected for any reason and the utility has applied the deposit to any amount due for utility services or other damages and the customer wishes to connect or reconnect service, a new deposit is required.
   (B)   Commercial customers are all customers which are not residential customers.
      (1)   Commercial customers shall make meter deposits based on the average of three previous months' usage of customers operating the same or similar businesses; except for customers as provided in division (A)(3). Call the main office for the amount of deposits. Deposits are due before service is connected.
      (2)   Properties owned by the following commercial entities or individuals shall pay meter deposits at the residential rate:
         (a)   Home builders;
         (b)   Mortgage/realty companies; and
         (c)   Rental property owners.
      (3)   A deposit is required for each individual address.
   (C)   Hydrant meter. For customers needing a hydrant meter, a deposit of $2,200 is required. The deposit amount is to be paid in full at the time of signing the Hydrant Rental Agreement, which is attached to Ord. 2019-10 as Exhibit “D.”
   (D)   Meter deposit refunds for residential and commercial customers. Upon termination of utility services the meter deposit shall be applied to any unpaid utility bills. The balance of the meter deposits remaining, if any, shall be refunded to the customer. To receive a refund, the customer is responsible for providing the utility with a forwarding address and other updated contact information within one year of termination. The person requesting the refund of a meter deposit is required to show proof of entitlement to the refund. If the customer does not request a refund within one year of termination the deposit shall become the property of Bargersville utilities and deposited into either the general fund for the electric or water utility.
   (E)   Use of meter deposit by utility. The utility may apply a meter deposit to a customer's past due balance or any other fees due to the utility.
(Ord. 2018-24, passed 9-11-2018; Ord. 2019-10, passed 7-30-2019)