(A)   The owner, occupant or person having the charge or management of any lot or parcel of land situated within the corporate limits, whether the same is improved or unimproved, vacant or occupied, within five days’ written notice to do so, served upon him or her in conformity with Ohio R.C. 731.52, shall cut or destroy, or caused to be cut or destroyed, any ragweed, field daisies, goldenrod, burdock, yellow dock, dandelions, thistles, jimson weeds, milkweeds, polygonum, mullein, poison ivy, poison oak or other weeds or grasses of rank growth, exceeding eight inches in height. Notification will occur only with the first notice of each year.  Non-compliance with this section following the first notice will result in assessments to the property owner.  The property owner will be assessed the above fees and penalties without notice. Inspection shall begin not later than April 15 of each year and conclude no earlier than the first killing frost as recorded by the Department of Commerce, National Weather Service, offered of local jurisdiction.
   (B)   On information that noxious weeds, including ragweed, field daisies, dandelions, goldenrod, burdock, yellow dock, polygonum, thistles or any other weed, grass, or growth which gives off offensive or noxious odors, or from which any injurious, offensive or annoying pollen, dust, down, seed or particles may be carried, or which may conceal filthy deposits, are growing on land within the city, the Building Commissioner may cause a certificate of mail notice to be served on the owner, lessee, agent, tenant or other person having charge of such land at his or her last known address notifying him or her that such weeds or other growth must be cut or destroyed within five days after receipt of such notice. In the event that the certificate of mail notice is returned undelivered, then notice may be given by publication once in a newspaper of general circulation or posted on the subject property. In the instance of unoccupied property or vacant land, the city, in lieu of a mailed notice, may post the property by affixing a notice to the building, or in the instance of vacant land, a notice may be affixed to a stake, tree or fence. This notice shall contain the date of posting and the location of the property. Such weeds or other growth must be cut or destroyed within five days after receipt of such notice.
   (C)   Whoever violates or fails to comply with any of the provisions of this section is guilty of a misdemeanor of the third degree. A separate offense shall be deemed committed each day during or on which a violation occurs or continues. The penalty shall be as provided in the Development Code, § 1350.03, Enforcement. In addition, any costs incurred by the city in cutting and/or removing grass or weeds shall be charged to the owner or violator by the court. Such costs are to be as follows:$200 per hour per person using riding equipment; $150 per hour per person using hand held equipment; $100 for each piece of equipment, $200 per property administrative and processing fee, and provided to the court.
(Ord. 51-1992, passed 4-13-1992; Ord. 77-2001, passed 5-14-2001; Ord. 49-2013, passed 4-8-2013; Ord. 147-2020, passed 12-21-2020)