(A)   Noisy advertising. No person shall, by ringing a bell or gong, by using a phonograph or other instrument for producing or reproducing sounds,  by using loud or boisterous language, or by any unusual noise whatever, advertise goods, wares or merchandise for sale, either at auction or in any other manner, or by any such means advertise any show, theater, exhibition or entertainment.
   (B)   Noisy machinery. No person shall maintain, run or operate any steam, gas, gasoline or other engine, boiler, press, machine or other apparatus so constructed or operated as to make any unnecessary noise, to the annoyance and discomfort of the people of the city.
   (C)   Noise-producing instruments. No person shall use any device, apparatus, radio, ticker or other noise- making and noise-emitting device for general advertising purposes, or for the purpose of soliciting trade or attracting attention to any wares, goods, merchandise, instrument or devise offered for sale.
(Ord. 149-1990, passed 9-10-1990)