Registration in General
EDITORS' NOTE:  This chapter, formerly titled "Licensing in General" was re- titled "Registration in General" upon the adoption of Ordinance 10-2002, passed January 28, 2002.
1422.01   Definitions.
1422.02   Registration  required.
1422.03   Home owner exemptions.
1422.04   Registration fees; insurance.
1422.05   Registration expiration and renewal.
1422.06   Registration issuance.
1422.07   Qualifications of applicant.
1422.08   License application.  (Repealed)
1422.09   Plant registration.
1422.10   Powers and duties of Examining Boards.  (Repealed)
1422.11   Registration revocation and suspension.
1422.12   Removal of members of Examining Boards.  (Repealed)
1422.13   Appeals from decisions of Review Committee.
1422.14   Restrictions and exemptions.
1422.15   Responsibility of registrant.
1422.16   Termination of representation.
1422.17   Termination of employment.
1422.175   Continuation of registration.
1422.18   Enforcement.
1422.19   Reciprocity with other jurisdictions.  (Repealed)
1422.99   Penalty.
   Board of Zoning and Building Appeals - see CHTR. Sec. 6.02
   Electrical, Warm-Air Heating and Plumbing Boards - see CHTR. Sec. 6.04(c)
   Establishment of boards by Council - see CHTR. Sec. 6.05
   Power to license plumbers, electricians, sewer tappers, etc. see Ohio R.C. 715.27
   Division of Building Inspection - see B. & H. Ch. 1442